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The team at Sash and Frame works to meet the real-world design challenges of today and helps ensure the final product meets all expectations.



For Property Owners

In an effort to provide homeowners and property managers with the most reliable and enjoyable product, Sash and Frame offers consultation, repair, and more. 


For Architects, Engineers, and Builders

In working with Architects, Engineers, and high end Builders we have encountered a wide array of unique challenges and recurring hurdles. Sash and Frame can provide your project with the services and experience you need to ensure a happy client and a beautiful final product.


For Manufacturers

As Sash and Frame was born from combined experience working in the premium window and door manufacturing sphere, we know the constant challenges manufacturers face. From supply chain sourcing to custom product development and motorization, Sash and Frame can assist you in designing to meet ever changing client demands and deliver the high quality product your customers expect.



Sash and Frame was founded on the principle of providing the best possible experience for every client. We take pride in our craft and it shows through our integrity and our joint vision to combat the challenges of cutting-edge designs.


In our collective 75 years of experience, we have worked with Manufacturers, Architects, Engineers, Builders, and other trades to bring our clients’ vision to life. From slope side ski retreats and ocean front villas, to the modern everyday home, we have been involved in many aspects of design, manufacturing, and installation.

Sash and Frame team members range from lifelong craftsmen to classically trained designers and each brings a unique blend of hands on knowledge and industry leading experience to our company and
your project. 


Servicing the Northeast, Rockies, 
Florida Coast, and more!

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Contact Us for Technical Info 

  • European Hardware Operation 

  • Proper Silicone Joint Design 

  • Glass Installation Capabilities

  • Furnishing and Installing High efficiency European windows and doors



Inquiries or Quotations


Based in Upstate New York with
howroom Located at
10 Starbuck Drive, Suite 203
Green Island, NY 12183
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