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We offer the following for Manufacturers 

  • Product Customization and Design

    • Physical and Virtual Prototyping Assistance

    • Hardware Adaptation

    • Custom Components

    • Kinetic Design and Unit Motorization including Guillotines, Drop Downs, Sliding Doors, and more

  • Product Code Compliance and Physical Testing 

    • Historic Preservation

    • ASCE 7-10 Components and Cladding

    • AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/i.s.2/a440-17

    • NFRC/ASHRAE Fundamentals

    • ASTM E1300 [specializing in oversized glass analysis]

    • ASTM/TAS Impact Ratings including Miami Dade Approval, Local Approval and FL Registration

  • Supply Chain and Sourcing of Components

  • Streamlining of Production Data

  • CNC Selection, Installation and Onboarding of Programmers/Operators

  • Installation Services

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